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The Cairngorms National Park Authority is committed to promoting equality as an employer and through the work it does.

As a public authority, the CNPA must meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, which harmonises and replaces previous equalities legislation. The Public Sector Equality Duty requires the CNPA to develop a set of equality outcomes, mainstream equality, undertake equality impact assessments on projects, gather employee information, review procurement procedures and publish these materials. These are available below.

Developing equality outcomes

The CNPA has developed a set of five equality outcomes which provide a framework for promoting equality within the CNPA and the work it does to deliver the National Park Partnership Plan (published 30 April 2013).

The CNPA Equality Action Plan 2013 – 2015 Update lists what has been achieved under each of the five equality outcomes to date (published 30 April 2015).

These equality outcomes will be reviewed in April 2017.

Mainstreaming equality in the CNPA

The CNPA has produced a mainstreaming report showing how equality is embedded into the day to day work and functions of the organisation. This includes details of staff composition (published 30 April 2015).

The CNPA’s Equal Pay statement is also available, setting out our policy on equal pay and occupational segregation.

Equality Impact Assessment

The CNPA’s projects and activities are impact assessed to ensure that they do not discriminate or have any negative effects on equality groups, but also to identify ways to promote equality. Inclusive Cairngorms, an advisory forum to CNPA, plays a key role in this process, ensuring our projects and activities are as accessible as possible.

Recent assessments are available below.

Do you have any other questions?

For more information about equalities at CNPA please contact Elspeth Grant, Education and Inclusion Officer