Cairngorms National Park

The snowy mountains of Cairngorms

Special Landscape Qualities

The Cairngorms National Park is renowned for its landscapes, wildlife and wild places.

The special and evocative qualities have been documented in The Special Landscape Qualities of the Cairngorms National Park. We are developing the information we have on these special qualities and the content of this page will change over time.

Wildness is one of the special landscape qualities for which the Cairngorms National Park is renowned.  Areas where wildness can be best experienced have been identified, mapped and described by Scottish Natural Heritage. These are called Scotland’s Wild Land Areas and there are several Wild Land Areas wholly or partially within the Cairngorms National Park.

Below you will see the relative contribution that different features and characteristics make to the landscapes of the National Park. View how we prepared these maps here

Parts of the National Park are designated as National Scenic Areas (NSAs). For information about the NSAs, their distribution, legislation and guidance, visit Scottish Natural Heritage’s website here.

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