Cairngorms National Park

View of Glen Isla, Caenlochan National Nature Reserve

Community Empowerment

Nobody understands a community better than those that live there. Community Empowerment is about giving a community the right tools and support needed to help them do more for themselves.

Following the recommendations of The Christie Commission the Scottish Government have produced the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act to provide community groups with more rights over decision making, service delivery and the management of local assets.


The Bill includes a number of provisions, with the key one’s summarised as:

  • Community Planning – additional duties for public bodies to collaborate on service delivery and involve communities to a greater extent
  • Participation Requests – some community groups given the right to request direct involvement in service planning and design
  • Community Right-to-Buy – amendments to the current system and extending the right to all communities in Scotland
  • Asset Transfer Requests – giving some community groups the right to request the transfer of ownership of a public asset to the community group


Image showing a community discussion in Grantown-on-Spey
Community planning discussion in Grantown-on-Spey

Scottish Rural Parliament

Logo of the Scottish Rural Parliament
Scottish Rural Parliament

In November 2014 the first Scottish Rural Parliament met in Oban, with a second event in Brechin in October 2016. The purpose of the rural Parliament is to give a stronger, more coherent voice to Scotland’s rural communities and enable them to engage more effectively with government at all levels. The Rural Parliament is also about empowerment and has the potential to provide a real opportunity for rural communities in Scotland to take greater control of the decisions which affect them.

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