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What's been going on behind the scenes

The Project Board

Made up of representatives from the village of CarrbridgeSeafield Estate, the RSPB, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, the Project Board meet quarterly to review the project’s progress to date and help steer the project strategically. You can find the Board’s latest actions here.


Long-term Survival Working Group

Made up of representatives from Scottish Natural Heritage, Seafield Estate, the RSPB, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Forestry Commission Scotland and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust; together the group are identifying and developing opportunities to create and enhance more woodland habitat for capercaillie within the Cairngorms National Park and help people secure funding for this work. They’re also shaping plans to assess the genetic health of capercaillie in addition to overseeing monitoring work through lek surveys and brood counts, and the mapping of predator control with the Cairngorms National Park.


Carrbridge Capercaillie Working Group

Including residents from the village of Carrbridge, the group is helping to guide and support the project’s pilot work in Carrbridge. This work includes piloting a Capercaillie Community Ranger, local volunteering, woodland signage, local story mapping, public events and activities and community recreation planning. The working group themselves are also a pilot. You can find group’s latest actions here.


Carrbridge Capercaillie Community Ranger

Emma, Carrbridge’s Capercaillie Community Ranger, is in the village on a weekly basis. Her work varies from one week to the next, from meeting up with residents to discuss their ideas for the project, to exploring the woodland trails around the village to get to know in more detail what makes Carrbridge such an important place for people. Whilst she’s still relatively new to post Emma’s been busy getting to know as many people as possible, from residents and visitors to local businesses and groups. To date she’s met over 200 people in the village and surveyed over 200 visitors to Landmark (a popular visitor attraction in the village) to find out what’s important to them. Emma’s also been busy liaising with volunteering schemes, local land owners and event and activity providers to help identify new opportunities for people in Carrbridge.


Sustainable Recreation Planning Working Group

Made up of representatives from the Bird Watching & Wildlife Club (BWWC), Petal Power, the Local Outdoor Access Forum, Glenmore Lodge, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Cairngorms National Park Authority; together the group is helping to steer and support the project in identifying how best to ensure people are able to access and enjoy the Cairngorms National Park whilst also ensuring capercaillie are able to access what they need from the Park in order to survive.


Communications & Engagement Working Group

Made up of representatives from Inclusive Cairngorms, the RSPB, Cairngorms National Park Authority and Forestry Commission Scotland; together the group is helping to guide how the project engages people with capercaillie through events and activities both on and offline, ensuring the project is always inclusive, accessible and relevant in order to inspire as many people as possible to help look after capercaillie. In their last meeting the group discussed ways to learn more about residents and visitors to the Cairngorms National Park, in particular what people enjoy and value most about the Park and why, in order to help shape the project’s activities.