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Desk For Sale

3rd July 2019

In the interest of recycling old office furniture, we have decided to make available for purchase the following:

Marble desk (two pieces)

Large piece

Marble table Marble table


  • 179cm long, 100cm at the widest end, 74cm high. (79cm wide in the middle & 83cm wide at the other end). Slight damage on the top edge at the thinner end. Glue patch still visible from where the small piece was fixed onto.

Small piece

Marble table Marble table Marble table

  • 66cm long, 46 wide, 42 high. Broken marble on the underside as this piece had to be separated prior to removing it from the building.


As the marble top with wooden frame is very heavy to manoeuvre, interested parties must collect and supply all required means to remove it.


Please send any offers to [email protected]