Cairngorms National Park

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Cairngorms Local Action Group

LEADER: an innovative approach to rural development. Its aim is to promote community-led local development to support a sustainable rural economy. Funding is allocated by the Cairngorms Local Action Group set up to deliver the Local Development Strategy.


Who are the Cairngorms Local Action Group?

The Cairngorms Local Action Group is a group of people who are representative of different parts of the community including residents, businesses, charities and the Public Sector. They decide how to invest LEADER funding in the Cairngorms to best deliver the Local Development Strategy.

How is funding delivered?

The aim is to encourage local communities or businesses to be involved in projects that help the communities of the Cairngorms National Park to thrive and become more sustainable. The LEADER approach is about developing links to build the strength of communities. There are six priority Themes for investment within the Strategy. These are:
• Build community capacity
• Grow the economy of the Park
• Attract and retain young people
• Improve transport, connectivity and services
• Protection and enhancement of the landscape and heritage
• Excellence in tourism and recreation

The Local Development Strategy also highlights the need for the cross-cutting themes of Equality, Knowledge Sharing, Innovation, Partnership Working and Sustainability.


Where does the funding come from?

LEADER is a bottom-up method of delivering support  to communities for rural development. Grants are awarded by Local Action Groups to projects that support delivery of a Local Development Strategy.

The aim of LEADER is to increase support to local rural community and business networks to build knowledge and skills, and encourage innovation and cooperation in order to tackle local development objectives.

LEADER is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-20.

What support is available?

As well as funding, the LEADER project provides help to initiatives through supporting networking, partnership development, project support and training including project management, project finances and control, reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and advice. The Local Action Group has a dedicated staff team, including Development & Support Officers, to assist initiatives involved in the LEADER process.


Does my idea or project qualify for funding?

LEADER is open to ALL – for example: community groups, small businesses, voluntary organisations, land based businesses and other constituted groups can apply to this fund.

To find out if your idea could qualify for support and funding please visit the CLAG website or visit our Facebook page or call our Office team on 01479 870543.