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Local Development Plan 2020

The Local Development Plan 2020 will guide development in the Cairngorms National Park over the period 2020-2025 and into the longer term

Cairngorms Local Development Plan 2020

We are required by law to ensure that our Local Development Plan is kept up-to-date and reviewed every 5 years. The current Local Development Plan was adopted in March 2015 so we need to ensure that a new Local Development Plan is in place by 2020.

It will take several years to produce the Local Development Plan 2020, and the process involves a number of key stages which are summarised in the diagram below.



You can find out more about the process and timetable for preparing the Local Development Plan 2020, and how you can get involved, by reading our Development Plan Scheme.

There are opportunities for members of the public and other interested parties to comment on the emerging Local Development Plan at the Main Issues Report stage and at the Proposed Plan stages. We recently consulted on our Main Issues Report and you can find out more about this below.

Evidence and information gathering

As part of our initial evidence and information gathering we undertook a ‘call for sites and ideas’.  This allowed anyone with an interest in the development of land to propose sites on which they would like to see development happen in the future. This process was important as it helped to identify possible development options at an early stage.

Main Issues Report

We recently consulted on our Main Issues Report for the Local Development Plan 2020.

The Main Issues Report asked for your views on the big issues that the new Local Development Plan will need to address and the options for tackling them. The consultation provided an important opportunity to get involved and influence the content of the new Local Development Plan.

We reported a Summary of Responses and Recommended Actions to our Planning Committee in June 2018. Redacted copies of all responses received are available to view below.

1Scottish Campaign for National Parks
2L Anderson
4X McDade
5Carrbridge Vicinity Community Council
6L I Bishop
7Scottish Water
8Galbraith on behalf of Ardverikie Estate
9Galbraith on behalf of Mr Haywood
10Galbraith on behalf of Mr Dawson
11Transport Scotland
12Mount Blair Community Development Trust
13C Muirhead
14P Burley
15A Kelly
16C Turnbull
17D Brown
18M Brown
19A Smith
20J Smith
21J forsyth
22T A Dunston
23P J Boxx
24Braemar Resident
25J F Newman
26R Green
27C Anderson
28E Mcalman
29W Anderson
30Kincraig Vicinity Community Council
31John Muir Trust
33Laggan Community Association
34Braemar Resident
35D Ramsay
36Halliday Fraser Munro on behalf of Mar Estate
37Newtonmore Business Association
38Galbraith on behalf of Dinnet & Kinord Estate
39N Kempe
40Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group
41I M Fleming-Boyd
42B Murdoch
43The Highland Council
45Highlands Hospitality
46Ristol Consulting on behalf of Atholl Estate
47Ristol Consulting on behalf of House of Bruar
48Glenshee Ski Centre Ltd
49Grantown-on-Spey and Vicinity Community Council
50B Shorter
51Historic Environment Scotland
52Scottish Wild Land Group
53Inveresk Community Council
54Rothiemurchus Estate
55M Domoney
56P Bates
57A Reid-Evans
58C Clark
59Savills on behalf of Invercauld Estate
60Halliday Fraser Munro on behalf of Reidhaven Estate
61T Burley
62C Burden
63R E Brown
64Nethy Bridge and Vicinity Community Council
65H Moody
66Cairngorms Campaign
67A McInnes
68C Richardson
69J Gibbons
70M Corser
71Edinglassie Estate
72J Kant
73R Draig
74T Mooby
75K Macdonald
76Cairngorms Business Partnership
77D Robertson
78E Urquhart
79T Prouse
80W Drysdale
81G T Bruce
82D Morris
83R Turnbull
84P Bruce
85J Hastings
86Turnberry Planning on behalf of An Camas Mor Ltd
87G Stephen
88M Stephen
89Cromar Community Council
90L Dudgeon
91S Paterson
92Scottish Land and Estates
93A Roberts
94C l Paterson
95S Burley
96A Blair
97S Blair
98S Galbraith
99J Hunter
100Kingussie and Vicinity Community Council
101P Robertson
102S Hunter
103M Kinnaird
104Savills on behalf of Muckrach Estate
105S Bunyan
106J M Kinnaird
107K Henderson
108N Turnbull
109H Bunyan
110J Roberts
111B Whale
112Ramblers Scotland
113N Doherty
114C I Blease
115D Doherty
116Paths for All
117J Forsyth
118P Rattray
120V Riley
121S McNeish
122Carrbridge Resident
123S Hastings
124W Hastings
125D Hastings
126P Charlton
127R Purcell
128D Henderson
129J Roberts
130Braemar Community council / Invercauld Estate / Marr Estate
131J Doherty
132N Doherty
133E Rothney
134R Rothney
135Alvie and Dalraddy Estates
136K Dickson
137C Rothney
138F Patrick
139P Whilham
140C Stirling
141S. Robb
142C Stitt
143Crofting Commission
144Dulnain Bridge Community Council
145N Johnston
146I McFarlane
147L McInnes
148M Campbell
149M Langridge
150L Frew
151Forsyth Accounting Practice Ltd
152J Walsh
153C Walsh
154GH Johnston Building Consultant
155R Wheatley
156S Hibbard
157Balavil Estate Ltd
158J Wheatley
159K J Girvan
160J Girvan
161G McKnight
162D White
163P White
164R F Langridge
165M D P Carstairs
166J M Campbell
167R Telfer
168J Campbell
169I McInnes
170V Blair
171D Simpson
172J Waring
173M Barry
174J Jennings
175J Gibbons J Cushing
176R Kant
177D F S Williams
178B J Williams
179Braemar Community Council
180R Williams
181N Anderson
182D Murray
183A Schofield
184L Schofield
185M Stirling
186K Stirling
187I Stirling
188Boat of Garten and Vicinity Community Council
189M Carnegie
190F Jennings
191J Knox
192Aviemore Business Association
193B Russel
194Quarch Technology
195VFJ Jordan
196G Carnegie
197M Stitt
198S MacDonald
199Scottish Natural Heritage
200Highlands and Islands Enterprise
201A Brown
202D Leadbetter
203Savills (UK) Ltd on behalf of Crown Estate Scotland
204J Mackay
205Ballater Resilience Group
206J Walker
208G L Muirhead
210Urban Animation on behalf of Invercauld Estate
211National Trust for Scotland
212Carrbridge Resident
213S Caudrey
215G Bulloch
216Carrbridge Resident
217Mountaineering Scotland
218NHS Grampian
219Savills on behalf of J and M Forbes Leith Partnership
220Insh Resident
221Woodland Trust Scotland
222Kingussie Resident
223Blair Atholl Resident
224D Stott
226Braemar Resident
227Moray Council
228H Brown
230Kincraig Resident
231C Campbell
233Ballater & Crathie Community Council
237Aviemore and Vicinity Community Council
238G Stewart
240P Charlton
241H Bendstrup-Charlton
242Carrbridge Resident
243P Hastings
247Aberdeenshire Resident
248Carrbridge Resident
249C Winter
250A Dunlop
251S M Dickie
253Unknown Resident
254MacBean Road Residents Association
255Tulloch Homes Ltd
258Allan Munro Construction Ltd
259K Toynbee
260H Quick
261S Kirk
262Girlguiding Kincardine & Deeside
263A Kirk
264D Sherrard
265R Wood
266A Mitchell
267L MacLean
269Aviemore Resident
270Insh Resident
271Dalwhinnie Community Council
272Boat of Garten Resident
273D L Munday
274Kingussie Golf Club
275Unknown Resident
276Landmark Forest Adventure Park
277Perth and Kinross Council
278P Mulvey
279North East Mountain Trust
280Strathdon Community Development Trust
282D Bruce
283R McGowan Ltd
284D A Lyle
287D Carr
288J J Buckingham
290A Walker
292Munro Surveyors
293Braemar Resident
294A J Angus
295G Adams
296K Tainsh
297P Staniforth
298W S Paterson
299R Swan
300S Slimon
301G Thomson
302Nethybridge Resident
307Dulnain Bridge Resident
308Ballater Resident
309Insh Resident
316Kingussie Resident
317Aviemore Resident
318J Kirby
319C McPherson
321J Finnie
323Grantown Resident
325RSPB Scotland
326Grantown-on-Spey Caravan Park
327L Day
328K Duncan
329L Hansler Ross
330A Newbery
331Carrbridge Hotel

Post Main Issues Report  – New sites Consultation

We received a large number of responses to the Main Issues Report consultation, including some new site proposals that were not included in the Main Issues Report. We have considered these proposals and have identified a small number of new site allocations that we think are appropriate to include in the new Local Development Plan.

Government guidance states that planning authorities may need to carry out further consultation on any sites they intend to include in the Proposed Plan that were not included in the Main Issues Report.

We therefore carried out a focussed consultation from 13 August to 21 September 2018 on the small number of new sites proposals that we wish to include in the new Local Development Plan. This consultation has now closed.

We are reporting a Summary of Responses and Recommended Actions to our Planning Committee in November 2018. Redacted copies of all responses received are available to view below.

1K Tainsh
2J Kirby
3D Streeter
4J Buttress
5A Kernaghan
6M Green
7K Barley
8R Ferguson
9D Stott
10Transport Scotland
11Historic Environment Scotland
12Grantown on Spey and Vicinity CC
14Lochan Mor Residents Committee
15C McMitchell
16M Arbuthnot
17G Welsh
1818. M Hutchison
19J & B Harris
20L Anderson
21I Mckinlay
22I Wallace
23Balavil Estates Ltd
24W Smith
25A Brattey
26R Tozer
27Ross & Liddell Ltd
28J & S Barker
29B Doughty
30M Brattey
31J Furie
32NHS Grampian
33Aviemore and Vicinity Community Council
34C Johnstone
35G Bulloch
36C Miller
37Dr & Mrs Foot
38A Buttress
39K & W Best
40Carrbridge and Vicinity Community Council
41D Barr
42S Barr
43J Pope
44A Johnstone
45Woodland Trust
46J Creber
47M & J Campbell
48L McInnes
49D Gasking
50M Deveci
51K Ingram
52L Vallance
53C Cadden
54A McInnes
55A Tilston-Eastaway
56Highland Council
57A Bell
58R Williams
59I Fraser
60P Robertson
61Turnberry on behalf of An Camas Mor Development LLP
62J Rice
63T Barratt
64N AckerleyN Ackerley
65D Henderson
66Badenoch & Strathspey Conservation Group
67J Roberts
68J Goldsworthy
69M MacEwen
70N MacEwen
71D Chapman
72A Walker
73Scottish Natural Heritage

Next Steps

The feedback from both the Main Issues Report consultation and additional focused consultation on new sites will be used to inform the preparation of the Proposed Local Development Plan 2020 which we aim to publish for public comment towards the end of this year.

Do you have any other questions?

You can contact our planning team in our Grantown office on 01479 873535 or by email at [email protected]. The planning team are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.