Cairngorms National Park

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Visitor Experience

The Cairngorms National Park is an international visitor destination with outstanding natural and cultural attractions, and a wide range of opportunities for recreation enjoyed by visitors and residents

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Since becoming a National Park in 2003, there has been significant investment in visitor infrastructure, including the path network. We have seen the establishment of a strong, well-recognised brand for the Cairngorms National Park.

The visitor economy is more critical to the Cairngorms National Park than anywhere else in rural Scotland, supporting some 43% of employment in the area.

91% of visitors know they are in a National Park, and for 63% of overseas visitors, the area’s status as a National Park is an important factor in their decision to visit. Visitor satisfaction is high, but we know from international comparisons that expectations will continue to increase. We need to continue to provide the infrastructure that meets visitors’ expectations and helps manage recreation impacts on this fragile area.

The following pages outline the key visitor experience priorities which will guide the work of partners over the Plan period.

NPPPtargetSymbolpurpleOur Targets

NPPPgraphPurpleIncrease the economic impact of visitors to eastern and southern Cairngorms National Park from 21% to 25% of the total visitor economy


NPPPgraphPurpleIncrease the percentage of visitors using active travel during their stay to 19% by 2022

NPPPworldPurpleSupport 30 volunteer rangers and 500 days of annual volunteering by 2022


The three key visitor experience priorities which will guide the work of partners over the Plan period