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Cairngorms National Park

View over Braemar

National Park Partnership Plan

The National Park Partnership Plan is the management plan for the Cairngorms National Park, which has been approved by Scottish Ministers

We are looking for Your Views

Every five years we create a plan that sets out the key priorities for the Cairngorms National Park. It is vital that we get opinions and thoughts from all the people, groups, businesses and organisations that live and work here to ensure we focus on the issues that matter to you.

The plan will cover all areas of life and work within the National Park, from conservation to land management, local communities and the economy to tourism and recreation. The next plan (starting in 2022) is currently being developed, with a period of public consultation taking place between now and the end of the year.

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Annual Review – what we’ve achieved in 2018/19My Page

Partners – including businesses, land managers, communities, charities and the public sector – have delivered a wide range of projects during 2018/19, tackling many of the complex and important issues facing the Park. Find out what everyone’s been working on and review the progress being made against the targets set out in the Partnership Plan.

Annual Review 2018/2019 (PDF | 4MB)

The Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan is the overarching management plan for the Cairngorms National Park. It sets out how all those with a responsibility for the Park will coordinate their work to tackle the most important issues over the next five years.

The long term vision for the Cairngorms National Park is:

“An outstanding National Park, where nature and people thrive together”

National Park Outcomes

The Partnership Plan will deliver the following long term outcomes for the National Park:


A special place for people and nature with natural and cultural heritage enhanced


NPPPvisitorexperienceHeaderVisitor Experience

People enjoying the Park through outstanding visitor and learning experiences


NPPPruraldevelopementRural Development

A sustainable economy supporting thriving businesses and communities


Hierarchy of National Park Strategies and Plans

The Partnership Plan provides strategic direction for five key strategies and plans which support its delivery and are developed through close partnership working with different sectors. The delivery of all these plans is dependent on the work undertaken by businesses, land managers, communities, charities and the public sector in mutual support.

Supporting Documents

We have carried out various assessments to support the development of the Partnership Plan. These can be accessed below:


The Partnership Plan has been finalised following a period of extensive public consultation, where views were sought on nine key issues – the Big 9. These have evolved into nine priorities in the final Partnership Plan. You can view the consultation documents below:

Our plans & strategies that support the National Park Partnership Plan

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