Cairngorms National Park

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Monitoring & Reporting

Progress against the National Park Partnership Plan is monitored in an Annual Progress report and the performance of the Cairngorms National Park Authority against our Corporate Plan is set out in our Annual Report and Accounts.

The overall health of the Park is monitored against agreed performance indicators:

  1. Business confidence reported through Cairngorms Business Barometer
  2. Number of jobs created in the Park
  3. % population living within connection of high speed broadband or equivalent
  4. Renewable production
  5. The number of community enterprises generating income
  6. Area of woodland
  7. Water quality
  8. Active conservation for LBAP priority species
  9. Estates participating in Wildlife Estates Initiative
  10. Qualities of wildness
  11. Number of conservation area improvement projects
  12. Number of volunteer days spent caring for the Park per year
  13. Visitor satisfaction reported in Cairngorms Visitor Survey
  14. Number of people using promoted core paths

How you can keep up to date with progress

Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan Progress Reports

CNPA Annual Report and Accounts

CNPA Corporate Plans

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Gavin Miles on 01479 870565.