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Cairngorm and Glenmore Strategy SEA Environmental Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment

1st December, 2015

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Cairngorm and Glenmore Strategy is a statutory requirement under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. SEA is a systematic process developed to ensure that potential environmental impacts of Plans, Programmes and Strategies (PPS) (both positive and negative) are assessed and considered during the course of their preparation.

SEA aims to:

  • integrate environmental factors into Strategy preparation and decision making;
  • improve the Strategy and enhance environmental protection;
  • increase public participation in decision making; and
  • facilitate openness and transparency of decision making.

The SEA process is divided into five main stages which are:

  • Stage A: Setting the context and objectives, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope;
  • Stage B: Developing and refining alternatives and assessing effects;
  • Stage C: Preparing the Environmental Report.
  • Stage D: Consulting on the draft Strategy and its Environmental Report; and
  • Stage E: Monitoring implementation of the Strategy.

The published Environmental Report represents Stage D of the process. The Report will be consulted on with the consultation authorities between 1st December 2015 and 11th January 2016.

Documents relating to earlier stages of the SEA process can be accessed via the following link:

17 files