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Cairngorms National Park

View to Braemar

Make it Yours Campaigns

Inspire the Nation to choose the Cairngorms National Park for their Autumn visit this year with the Make it Yours Cairngorms Autumn Views campaign!

View of the leaves turning colour on a wee autumnal walk through Anagach Woods

Lockdown means it is harder to travel abroad and as a result many people are looking for local destinations for their Autumn and Winter breaks this year.

We have some amazing views right on our doorsteps and through our windows that showcases why people in Scotland should really choose the Cairngorms for their next visit.

Let’s remind everyone that we are open for business here in the Cairngorms National Park!

What we want you to do

Take a photo of your favourite Cairngorms Autumn view and then share it to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and tag #CairngormsAutumnViews – it’s that simple.

When do we want you to do this?

Now – the leaves are turning and the weather is crisping up so the time is now!

Why do we want you to do this?

Together we can achieve so much more than individually – and if we all use #CairngormsAutumnViews we can raise awareness about how amazing the Cairngorms National Park is at this time of year, let everyone know we are open for business and inspire people to choose you and us for their holiday this year.

Some practicalities

What you need

  • A camera – preferably a digital camera, a phone with a camera or a way to get your print photo up online.
  • A social media account – preferably one that promotes your business or community, but if you want to get involved by using your own personal account please do!

What kind of photos are we looking for?

The view from the room at a local guest house
The view from the room at a local guest house
  • A view that showcases how incredible the Park is at this time of year and specifically how incredible your location is.
  • It might be a view from your kitchen window, a guest room, your office window, your café, local business window or from your front door.
  • It might be a view from your favourite walk in the Park, your favourite viewpoint or from your favourite place for a brew to warm up on a crisp Autumnal day.
  • It might be all of these things or something entirely different.

What you need to do with your photo once you have it.

  • Log onto your preferred social media account or accounts and upload the photo along with a short description of what makes this the perfect autumn view, maybe include a call to action for someone to make a booking with you or pop in for lunch, whatever you feel works for your business.
  • And make sure you use the hashtag #CairngormsAutumnViews
  • Click post!

This is the perfect opportunity to bring some inspiration to the nation – and even if your audience can’t make a booking with you now it might put a much-needed smile on their face!