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All eyes are on us!

20th September 2004

The eyes of the world are on Scotland’s two National Parks, according to the Convener of the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Speaking to members of the Scottish Council for National Parks in Stirling, on Monday 20th September, Andrew Thin reminded members that Scotland’s National Parks are very different to Parks elsewhere in the UK and abroad.

“We are taking a unique approach to the development of Scotland’s National Parks and should be proud of this.  Already we have had visitors from all over the world coming to find out more.

The National Parks legislation in Scotland for the first time gives real legal teeth to the idea of joined-up Government.  All public bodies in the Cairngorms National Park are covered by it and all are required to agree, and then work to a National Park Plan that will set out what has to be achieved and how it will be done.”

The SCNP is an independent charitable organisation, which was set up by its members to project and enhance existing National Parks and promote the case for new ones.  The group has a particular interest in planning and land management issues and aims to promote better awareness amongst the public on the issues affecting National Parks.

Richard Maund, Chairman of the Scottish Council for National Parks said,
“We welcome the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the Cairngorms National Park Authority and to meet with Andrew Thin.  This initial meeting is designed to improve our understanding of how things are developing in the Cairngorms National Park.”