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Cairngorms National Park welcomes Jamie Andrew

25th September 2007

RENOWNED Scottish mountaineer and author Jamie Andrew is the guest of honour at the Cairngorms Local Outdoor Access Forum annual event taking place this weekend

The Outdoor Access Annual Event is taking place at Nethy Bridge Village Hall on Sunday September 30th. As well as talks and workshops, there will be site visits to various locations around the area.

One of the highlights of the day will be Mr Andrew’s talk. He is renowned for having completed a number of ascents around the world. He has also written an autobiography, Life and Limb, which tells of his courageous rehabilitation after he had his hands and feet amputated following an accident in the French Alps and his brave ascents since then.

The day, which is being organised by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA), is an opportunity for the public to meet with Cairngorms Local Outdoor Access Forum (LOAF) members and other experts to discuss outdoor access in the Park.

Participants will also be able to take part in outdoor workshops in the afternoon. The topics include:

  • Canoeing and angling issues
  • Establishing community path networks
  • Managing access on farms
  • Multi-use recreation on routes
  • Fun games and activities for getting to know the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
  • Camping with tent – how to leave no trace
  • Managing access and forestry operations
  • People and dogs in the countryside
  • Wildlife and access
  • Organising outdoor events

The free event is open to all, but booking is required. For more information and a booking form email [email protected]  or phone the CNPA on 01479 873535 or visit the Annual Event page of the website.

The Cairngorms LOAF is made up of 21 members who are appointed on the basis of their knowledge, skills and expertise in the fields of recreation, land management or community access. The Forum advises the CNPA and other bodies on issues to do with outdoor access, rights of way and core paths. Open meetings are held throughout the year at various venues around the Park. For more information on the Forum contact the CNPA on 01479 873535.