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Cairngorms Research

The Cairngorms National Park is a learning landscape. It provides outstanding opportunities for learning and is an ideal place for collaborative research across disciplines that can directly influence the management of the Park


What is Cairngorms Research?

Cairngorms Research is the shorthand name for the Cairngorms Long Term Socioecological Research platform, or Cairngorms LTSER platform. It is one of over 60 such research platforms in Europe.

Who is involved in Cairngorms Research?

Anyone who conducts research or uses the results of research pertinent to the Cairngorms National Park, in other words, the people:

  • who live and work in the park and want knowledge based on scientific research to manage the park or the resources they are responsible for;
  • who live elsewhere and have an interest in the park; these might be researchers, educators, business
  • people, or their representatives, tourists, etc.

What does Cairngorms Research do?

Cairngorms Research promotes research, often across disciplines, that addresses management needs in the Park, to:

  • encourage connections between researchers and those working to manage land and/or resources within the Park;
  • inform research priorities and share the results of research; and
  • make the most of the opportunities presented by the Park to contribute to wider research agendas.

Find out what research is being done in the Park

Published Literature
Published Literature 
Online Reports
Online Reports 
Cairngorms Research Strategy
Cairngorms Research Strategy