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Supporting young people to live in rural areas helps us to remain CONNECTED to our COMMUNITY and to share in developing its FUTURE

Rural areas are often difficult to reach and to travel around. Young People need to CONNECT in the real and virtual worlds to thrive.

Society cannot afford for young people to continue to leave rural areas.

What Do We Need?

We need SUPPORT to be a part of the COMMUNITY and build its PRESENT and FUTURE.


  • PROVIDE TRANSPORT throughout the year.Funded collaboratively by protected areas, national and local government, businesses and tourists.
  • IMPROVE digital connectivity to allow innovative business and social models to develop.
  • CREATE Active Travel networks and initiatives to encourage cycling and walking to aid health and well-being and offset climate change.


  • Young people are part of the culture and history of the area. CONNECT with them and provide engaging activities and social opportunities for young people, that focus on learning about and PARTICIPATING in the cultural heritage and history of their common area.
  • Develop intergenerational buddy schemes/skill shares to combat rural isolation and build a sense of community. Young people can SHARE their understanding of technology and social media; older people can help them LEARNING rural skills.
  • CREATE fun, safe places for young people to CONNECT with each other.


  • Many young people want to stay in their communities. Introduce a scheme to allow young people to purchase goods and services at a reduced rate to fully harness an affordable existence in rural areas.
  • Develop a housing scheme for individuals living and / or working in Protected Areas and rural communities on a low income. Short term and permanent options should be provided to cater for different employment opportunities.