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We BELIEVE that providing jobs and developing the local economy SHOULD NOT take place at the expense of the natural environment

We feel that the need for environmentally friendly practices should not compromise the standard of life for local residents. Successful youth employment initiatives should therefore be creative, flexible, innovative, financially self-sufficient and create sustainable job opportunities.

We Need Job Opportunities

  • Young people want to work. Businesses and organisations in Protected Areas and rural communities should provide opportunities that can realise the potential of young people through apprenticeships, internships with training and/ or jobs tailored for young people in full time education e.g. after school, evening and weekends.
  • CREATE partnerships between schools and local businesses to offer jobs for young people. These jobs should include progression, pay rises and offer references as incentives.

All young people have CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION, and these talents should be fostered to help us develop as entrepreneurs.

We Need More Training

  • Provide youth entrepreneurship schemes in schools and colleges that will help young people to build and create their own rural businesses by giving them support and encouragement.
  • SHARE the wisdom of inspiring young people and successful rural entrepreneurs from across Europe, inviting them to give talks in schools, youth clubs and local cafes.

No More Low Wages

  • Pay the living wage or equivalent to all rural workers at national age of majority, to counteract the high living and transport costs in rural areas.
  • Employers provide incentives to counteract the high living and transport costs in rural areas e.g. subsidised housing costs, opportunities for progression and training.