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Cairngorms Trust

We aim to inspire communities and visitors to support landscapes, wildlife, local culture and economic health and to encourage sustainable and community led local development within the Cairngorms National Park

Who are the Cairngorms Trust?

The Cairngorms Trust trustees are the Local Action Group (LAG) for the Cairngorms National Park area.

The funding that we offer are our Campaigns Projects, these are our main annual funding projects for projects between £5000 – £10,000.  Our Community Grants for projects up to £1,000. You can find more information about these and when they open on our Cairngorms Trust website.

We also administer the LEADER funding allocated to the Cairngorms National Park LAG.  From 2015 – 2019 LEADER funding has supported projects with a total project value of £3,233,433.62 and Cairngorms LEADER value of £2,002,774.63.



Does my idea or project qualify for funding?

All our funding packages are open to ALL – for example: community groups, small businesses, voluntary organisations, land based businesses and other constituted groups can apply to this fund.

To find out if your idea could qualify for support and funding please visit the Cairngorms Trust website or visit our Facebook page or call our Office team on 01479 870543.

The Cairngorms Trust is the operational name for the Cairngorms Local Action Group Trust. The Trust is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), charity number SC046495. It was registered as a charity in April 2016