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Consultation on interim planning policies

20th August 2004

Consultation drafts have been produced of our interim planning policies No.2: Radio Telecommunications and No.3: Vehicle Hill-Tracks.

These have been developed in response to a number of issues raised by such developments in and around the Park, both proposed and existing.

The park Authority recognises the need for radio telecom coverage, and access tracks but must balance such development against the custodianship of a nationally designated landscape and environment.

Our planning team would welcome your comments and suggestions on these consultation drafts, which should be submitted by the 14 September 2004, following which the consultation report and finalised draft will be published.

For further information please contact Norman Brockie, Planning Officer. telephone 01339 753 603 or email [email protected]

Telecoms Consultation Draft  pdf, txt
Hill Tracks Consultation Draft pdf, txt
Hill Tracks Appendix A pdf, txt
Hill Tracks Appendix B pdf, txt