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Discount available on innovative food waste disposal solutions

9th February 2010

You can help the environment and divert domestic food waste from landfill sites.

Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA), Green Cone Limited and Strathspey Waste Action Network (SWAN) are working together to encourage local homes and businesses dispose of their food waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

This is now achievable thanks to the innovative Green Johanna food waste digester from Green Cone Limited. The Green Johanna unit, which stands on flat ground in the garden and cleverly produces rich compost from ALL food waste including meat, fish and bones mixed with green garden waste, is now available to Park residents at £30 instead of the normal retail price of £130.

The patented action of the Green Johanna means residents can now help reduce their own carbon footprint by turning leftover kitchen waste into a valuable resource for growing healthy fresh vegetables, whilst simultaneously helping reduce CNPA’s waste disposal costs.

Collectable from the Park Authority office in Grantown-on-Spey, in order to take advantage of this promotion and guarantee their product, residents should telephone 0800 731 2572 before the end of February, quoting ‘Cairngorms Discount CNPA10’. Each Green Johanna will also be supplied with a ‘winter jacket’, designed to keep the composter working in colder weather.

John Thorne, Economic Development Officer, CNPA said: “About 20% of the waste that goes into our rubbish bins is food waste, adding to landfill and methane, a greenhouse gas. We want more houses and businesses in the Park composting their food and using it as a resource for their garden. Anyone getting a discounted Green Johanna will help us monitor how composting works in our particular climate and will be asked to update us on how it’s working each year. This is part of our wider work with communities and businesses working towards a more sustainable Park, helping to conserve resources and raise awareness of Climate Change.”

Nick Cooke, consultant, Green Cone Limited commented: “We are absolutely thrilled that the CNPA is promoting the Green Johanna. It’s a simple to use, common sense solution for helping divert food waste from landfill and is extremely popular with councils, and across Europe.

“It’s much loved by its users, great for the environment and only produces the smallest amount of CO2 emissions compared with the treatment of food waste at a centralised facility. We are confident that the Green Johanna will become very popular in Scotland and look forward to an ongoing successful working relationship with the CNPA.”

Jane Smith of SWAN (Strathspey Waste Action Network) said: “SWAN welcomes this opportunity for householders and small businesses to purchase a quality compost bin at a subsidised price. Green Johannas are well designed for our cold climate, with the insulating jacket keeping the composter working into the winter. This helps also reduce our dependence on waste collection and consigns those smelly wheelie bins to a thing of the past!”

Please visit Green Cone for more information.