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Golden Eagle poisoning

6th May 2011

The Cairngorms National Park Authority has added its voice to the condemnation of the poisoning of a Golden Eagle, found within the Cairngorms National Park.

David Green, Convener of the Cairngorms National Park Authority, said: “We condemn the poisoning of a golden eagle, which was found within the Cairngorms National Park. There is no place for raptor persecution anywhere in Scotland; it is particularly sickening to see it in a National Park. It is an unacceptable and needless crime, that is not only harming our raptor population, but damages the reputation of the estates that act lawfully and work hard to care for wildlife, provide jobs in rural areas and create an internationally renowned resource.

“The Cairngorms National Park is one of the best places in the United Kingdom to see raptors such as the golden eagle, peregrine falcon and osprey. Almost every species of raptor in the UK breeds successfully here. We are committed to a number of projects that are raising awareness of the fascinating lives of raptors and ensuring that the National Park continues to be a successful breeding ground for them.”