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Park Plan spells out future of tourism and business

11th April 2006

Making Tourism and Business more Sustainable is a key priority in the developing National Park Plan for the Cairngorms and with the launch of the consultation on the Draft Plan, now is the opportunity for everyone to make their viewpoint known.

The long-term sustainability of the Park requires a vibrant tourism and business sector that underpins the economy and at the same time contributes to conserving and enhancing the special qualities whilst not damaging them.

The CNPA’s Head of Economic and Social Development, Andrew Harper said: “There is a need to ensure that tourism and business development in the Park takes place in a sustainable way.  The importance of tourism cannot be overstated and a delicate balance will need to be maintained to ensure its economic, social and environmental impacts are all positive.

“What we are looking to do is support strong businesses with high quality standards and manage the impact of tourism and business as well as improving environmental performance.  We hope that tourism and business leaders both in and beyond the boundaries of the Park are encouraged by this and get involved the Park Plan consultation.”

The Draft National Park Plan sets out the long term vision – 25 years – for the Park as a whole as well as the key priorities for the first five years of the Plan, from 2007 to 2012.

Some of the key aims proposed for the first five years with regards to the priority
Making Tourism and Business more Sustainable are:

  • Making the Park an attractive place to do business.
  • Ensuring economic, environmental and social impacts of business and tourism are positive.
  • Creating a strong brand reputation for the Park based on high environmental standards.

Commenting on the developing Park Plan, Stuart Black, Chief Executive of HIE Inverness and East Highland, said: “Uniquely, Scotland’s national parks have as one of their key aims economic and social development.  A successful park needs a successful economy at its centre and the HIE network looks forward to working closely with the Park Authority to achieve this aim.  I hope as many local businesses as possible take up the opportunity to contribute to this important consultation.”

Scottish Enterprise Grampian Global Connections Director David Littlejohn said: “The creation of the Cairngorms National Park gives a greater opportunity than ever before to turn the area into a sustainable world-class tourist destination and we look forward to working alongside the Park Authority and local businesses to explore the opportunities on offer.”

The consultation period for the National Park Plan is from April to the end of June 2006.  Following the consultation, a report summarising the responses will be prepared and the final Park Plan will be developed, with partners for submission, to Ministers at the end of 2006.  This is the first National Park Plan for the Cairngorms and although the Plan looks ahead to 2030, a new series of priorities will be published every five years.

More information on the draft National Park Plan can be found on National Park Plan homepage.

To get involved in the National Park Plan consultation please contact the CNPA at: National Park Plan Consultation, 14 The Square, Grantown-on-Spey, Moray, PH26 3HG. Tel: 01479 873535 fax: 01479 873527  email: [email protected]