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The Local Development Plan 2020 will guide development in the Cairngorms National Park over the period 2020-2025 and into the longer term.


The Proposed Local Development Plan (January 2019) was published for a representations period which ran for 10 weeks from January to April 2019.During that period, the Authority received a total of 288 representations from 207 individuals and organisations. All unresolved representations have been grouped into 12 broad Issues. These issues were summarised and responded to by the National Park Authority in the document known as a Schedule 4. Where representations indicate support, or made only a comment on an issue, then these are not defined as unresolved issues and are not referred to in a Schedule 4 document.

The Cairngorms National Park Proposed Local Development Plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers on September 20th 2019 and the examination of unresolved representations began on December 30th 2019. All matters were dealt through written representations and no oral sessions were held. The National Park Authority received the Examination Report and the Reporters’ list of recommended changes on August 24th 2020. The National Park Authority will now make the recommended changes to the Proposed Plan and submit to Scottish Ministers to request permission to adopt. You may view the examination report and all other material that was subject to the examination below:

Examination Report:

List of Recommendations:


Further information about the examination and the issues being addressed by the reporters can also be found on the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division’s website at:

Proposed Plan, Schedule 4 Document and Statement of Conformity

Proposed Local Development Plan

Schedule 4s – Summary of Unresolved Representations

Statement of Conformity with the Participation Statement

Core Documents

CD NumberDocument NameLinkYearAuthor
CD001Cairngorms National Park Local Development Plan 2015
CD002Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan 2017
CD003Cairngorms National Park Proposed Plan
CD004Cairngorms National Park Main Issues Report
CD005Proposed Plan Habitats Regulations Appraisal
CD006Proposed Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment
CD007Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
CD008Equalities Impact Assessment
CD009Statement of Conformity with the Participation Statement
CD010Monitoring Statement
CD011Proposed Plan Action Programme
CD012Housing Evidence Report
CD013Communities Evidence Report
CD014Economic Development Evidence Report
CD015Conservation Evidence Report
CD016Visitor Experience Evidence Report
CD017Cairngorms National Park Economic Action Plan Consultation Draft 2019
CD018Site Assessment Report
CD019National Parks Act (Scotland) 2000 Government
CD020Cairngorms National Park Local Plan Monitoring Report
CD021Draft Housing Supplementary Guidance
CD022Draft Design and Placemaking Supplementary Guidance
CD023Draft Developer Obligations Supplementary Guidance
CD024Main Issues Consultation Report Summary of Responses and Recommended Actions
CD025Carr-Bridge H1 Development Brief
CD026 Cairngorms Landscape Character Assessment
DC027Local Development Plan (2015) Action Programme 2019
CD028Badenoch and Strathspey Local Plan 1997 Council
CD029Email to Cairngorms Business Partnership
CD030Highland Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2015 Council
CD031Aberdeen City and Shire Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2017 City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority, Aberdeen City Council & Aberdeenshire Council
CD032Moray Council Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2017 Council
CD033TayPlan Joint Housing Neeed and Demand Assessment 2013
CD034Highland Council Housing Land Audit Summary 2018 Council
CD035Aberdeens City and Shire Housing Land Audit 2018 City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority, Aberdeen City Council & Aberdeenshire Council
CD036Moray Council Housing Land Audit 2019 Council
CD037Perth and Kinross Council Housing Land Audit 2018 and Kinross Council
CD038Stirling Council Examination Report 2017 Council
CD039Scottish Natural Heritage Constructed tracks in the Scottish Uplands 2015 Natural Heritage
CD040Climate Change Plan third report on proposals and policies 2018-2032 (RPP3) Government
CD041Screening Direction PPA-001-2020 Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division
CD042 CNPA Planning Performance Framework Report 18_19
CD0432018/0046/DET 2018CNPA
CD06203/00292/OUTBS Council
CD06305/00325/REMBS Council
CD066PPA-001-2020 Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division
CD067TENA-009-2002 Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division
CD070Planning Advice Note 2-2010 Affordable Housing and Housing Land Audits Government
CD071Chief Planners Letter on Occupancy Restrictions and Rural Housing 4-11-2011 Government
CD072A guide to understanding the Scottish Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI) Natural Heritage
CD073Scottish Government Policy on Control of Woodland Removal Commission Scotland
CD074Building Standards technical handbook (domestic buildings) 2017 Government
CD075Planning Advice Note (PAN) 51: Planning, environmental protection and regulation Government
CD076Flood risk and land use vulnerability guidance Environmental Protection Agency
CD077Natural flood management handbook Environmental Protection Agency
CD078Cairngorms National Park Local Plan 2010
CD079Management Guidelines for IUCN Category V Protected Areas Protected Landscapes and Seascapes / World Commission on Protected Areas
CD080Wildlife & Conservation Act 1981 (as amended in Scotland) & UK Governments
CD081Conservation (Natural Habitats & c.) Regulations 1994 (as amended in Scotland) & UK Governments
CD082Managing Change in the Historic Environment - Use and Adaptation of Listed Buildings Environment Scotland
CD083Managing Change in the Historic Environment - Demolition of Listed Buildings Environment Scotland
CD08401/00115/FULBS Council
CD08502/00091/FULBS Council
CD086Scottish Planning Policy Government
CD087National Planning Framework 3 Government
CD088Cairngorms National Park Development Plan Scheme
CD089Response to Proposed Plan SEA - Historic Environment Scotland Environment Scotland
CD090Response to Proposed Plan SEA - Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Protection Agency
CD091Response to Proposed Plan SEA - Scottish Natural Heritage Natural Heritage
CD092Response to Proposed Plan HRA - Scottish Natural Heritage Natural Heritage

Consultation Responses

Responder NoResponder NameURL
001Equal Adventure
004Tessa Pirie
006Sheila M. Dickie
008Hilary Brown
009Patricia Staniforth
010Peter Lawrence
011The Fife Arms Hotel
012The Granish Farm Partnership
013Sheena Slimon
014Hamish Swan
015Edward Stuart
016Dick Carr
017Amelia Till
018Alan Mitchell
019Kate Toynbee
020Ailsa Schofield
022Steven Whyte
023Kelley Hall
024Highlands Hospitality Ltd
025Wallace and Grimson
026Arthur Lay
027Ballater Community Council
028David Chandler
030A. Anderson
031Euan and Julia MacGregor
032Julie Cushing / John Gibbons
033Wood E&I Solutions UK Ltd
034Susan Walker
036Grantown-on-Spey and Vicinity Community Council
038Strathspey Railway Charitable Trust
039Tulloch Homes Ltd
040Peter Duncan
041Bob Murdoch
042Ewan C M Paterson
043Bryan Wright
044Leanne Murray
045Hazel Moody
046Judy and Jules Buckingham
047Paul Wright
048North East Mountain Trust
049Julie and Euan MacGregor
050D and SM Dickie
051Joanne Sheridan
052Ballater Community Member
053Stewart Archibald
054Morag Esson
055Mr. Mike & Mrs. Isobel Baxter
056Michael Slaney
057Cartside Decorators Ltd
058Spey Building and Joinery Ltd
059Diana Harries & Martin Helmn
060Mrs M Dewar
061Munro Surveyors
063Rod Dalitz
065Ballater and Crathie Community Council
066Mr & Mrs Goldbeck
067Highlands & Islands Enterprise
069Sheryll Wilson
070Catriona Riach
071Dawn Horsburgh
072Stewart & Susana Crawford
073Peacock Creative Design
075Jane Angus
076Andrew Martin
077W S Patteron
078A Herd
079Steven Whyte
080Ken Manson
081Lynn Manson
083Tulloch Homes Ltd
084Rosy Wood
085Scottish Environment Protection Agency
086Ormiston Highlands
087Angus Council
088Diana Forrester
089The Scottish Government
090Fiona Forrester
091Gordon Riddler
092George Inglis
093Jakub Golebiowski
094Mr & Mrs Foran
095John Gordon & Son
096Frances Coull
097Richard Langridge
098Newtonmore & Vicinity Community Council
099Ballater Highland Games
100Cromar Community Council
101Maureen Dewar
102David Sherrard
103Andrew Kirk
104Aviemore and Vicinty Community Council
105Bill Lobban
106Woodlands Croft Partnership
107Matthew Kirkwood
108Trish Davis
109Mary Kinnaird
110Frank and Lesley Valentine
111Sandie Barnes
112Scottish Natural Heritage
113Boat of Garten Community Council
114Perth and Kinross Council
115Robert Forrester
116Mrs E Robertson
117Paths for All
118Fraser McLay
119Norman Wienand
120A Gronbach
121Alison Shoemark
122Spey Services
123Alfred McGregor
125Adam McInnes
126Lisa McInnes
127Mrs P J MacLeod
128W J Romilly
129L Anderson
130Felicity Wienand
132Mark Richarson
133Aberdeenshire Council
134Braemar Community Council
135Inveresk Commnunity Council
136Susan Kirk
137Woodland Trust Scotland
138Carol Turnbull
139Mark Campbell
140Carr-Bridge and Vicinity Community Council
141Jenny Milne
142J M Campbell
143Joy E Campbell
144Mountaineering Scotland
145Joan Knox
146M. D. P. Carstairs
147Niall Calthorpe's 1959 Discretionary Settlement Trust
148Mr. R.V. Locatelli and Ms. J. A. Bremner
149Willow Tree Allotments Association
150Victor FJ Jordan
151Chris Cowell
153Ardverikie Estate Ltd
154Rothiemurchus Estate
155Aberdeenshire Council
156Gloria Bruce
157Iain Robertson
158Invercauld Estate
159John Muir Trust
160NHS Grampian
161Roger Anderson
162Mr Stuart P Barns
163Dunecht (Edinglassie) Estates
164Alisdair Gordon-Gibson
165Cairngorms Business Partnership
166Invercauld Estate
167Mike Corser
168Mac Infrastructure Ltd
169Mar Estate
170Neil Anderson
171Rachel Williams
172Reidhaven Estate
173Mrs Rhiannon & Mr Robert Turner
174Scottish Land & Estates
175John cooper
176Mike Jeffrey
177The Highland Council
178RSPB Scotland
179Roy Turnbull
180J and M Forbes Leith Partnership
181Scottish Wildland Group
182Wildland Limited
183Scottish Environment LINK
184Lesley Frew
185Claire Cameron
186The Cairngorms Campaign
187Badenoch & Strathspey Conservation Group
188An Camas Mor LLP
189A. Grant
190John and Lorna Mackay
191Macbean Road Residents Association
192Rothiemurchus Estate
193Scottish Water
194Highland and Island Enterprise
195Cairngorm Brewery
196Alan Morrison
197Alan Stewart
198David Maclennan
199Lorna McKenna
200Robyn Braham
201Natalia McClure
202Alison Harris
203Fergus Masson
204June Armstrong
205Paul Masson
207Crown Estate Scotland

Further Information

Once the examination commences, the DPEA’s website will provide details on its progress.

The DPEA also provide a guidance note for people who submitted representations to the Proposed Plan consultation.

Next Steps

Examination reports are largely binding on planning authorities, and the CNPA now has three months to consider the Reporter’s recommendations and submit the Proposed Plan as modified to Scottish Ministers. During this period our board will review the recommendations before seeking final approval from Scottish Ministers prior to the adoption of the new Local Development Plan.


If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Team via the details below:

14 The Square
PH26 3HG

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01479 873535