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Take the following steps for reporting a planning breach

What do I need to report a breach?

If you decide to report a suspected breach, the planning authority will need:

  • The address of the property concerned;
  • The name of the owner of the property and if you know, the person responsible for the suspected breach;
  • Details of the suspected breach of planning control, with times and dates if relevant;
  • Your name, telephone number, address and if possible, email address;
  • Information on how the breach affects you;
  • Fill out the Report a Breach online form

How do I determine if which authority to report to?

The CNPA is a call-in authority. Applications within the National Park boundary will only be dealt with by the CNPA if the application poses issues of significance to the National Park aims. Applications not dealt with by the CNPA are determined by the relevant Local Authority.

In the event that the breach falls into one or more of the following categories, then it is likely the CNPA would be the lead authority for determination and enforcement.

  • Tracks, hill tracks, estate tracks, footpaths, and those which could have a potential impact upon important natural and cultural heritage interests and/or sites of particular landscape sensitivities;
  • Wind turbines, hydro schemes or large solar panel farms;
  • Minerals applications: quarries etc;
  • Housing – five or more residential units within a settlement;
  • Housing – three or more residential units outside a settlement;
  • More than 250m² gross floor area, or 0.25ha, of employment space outside settlements;
  • Listed building consent applications that involve major external or internal changes or are otherwise linked to an application of Type 1;
  • Conservation area consent applications linked to another application of Type 1.

If the breach does not fall into one of the above categories, then it is likely that the relevant Local Authority will be the lead authority and therefore should be notified. If you are unsure who to inform, please do not hesitate to raise the matter to us and we will determine the above accordingly and pass the case on to the relevant authority.


Report a planning breach
Report a planning breach 
View the latest enforcement report
View the latest enforcement report 
Planning Guidance
Planning Guidance 

Do you have any other questions?

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