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Walking in nature is really good for our mental health 

12th May 2021

Nature is good for us – FACT. Intuitively we know this to be true and now there’s a great body of evidence proving that nature is good for us and has both long and short-term mental and physical health benefits. From being in the mountains, glens, woodlands, and lochs, to sitting in a park or pottering in the garden the benefits of being in a green or blue space are well recognised; even taking care of a house plant can help. And, in connecting to your natural surroundings, you can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. 

So, this Mental Health Awareness Week, why not get outside and notice and appreciate the nature around you. Take some time to listen to the bird song, the wind in the trees, and the smells of spring. 

We’re extremely fortunate to be surrounded by easily accessible amazing nature here in the Cairngorms National Park with local, low-level walks in and around our communities. And, if you fancy some company on your wee walk why not come along to a Health Walk led by our fantastic Volunteer Walk Leaders. (For more information on Health Walks give Jackie a call on 01479 870520 or email: 

And you can find some top tips on connecting with nature to improve your mental health here.