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Issue 5: Active Cairngorms

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  • 20% of Scotland’s population are physically inactive;
  • Physical inactivity is the second biggest cause of mortality, leading to 2,500 deaths in Scotland every year;
  • Increasing outdoor physical activity can lead to improvements in many health conditions, from heart disease to mental health issues;
  • The Cairngorms National Park has the access infrastructure, destination appeal and partnerships required to promote increased physical activity; and
  • Active Cairngorms aims to make it easier and safer for people to move around the Park whatever their age, ability or background: to be more physically active, to learn about, care for and appreciate the Park.

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  • Make the most of the National Park’s infrastructure and brand identity as part of Scotland’s Natural Health Service;
  • Residents and visitors will enjoy and use the Park for physical activity at least once a day;
  • Target people currently living sedentary lifestyles where inactivity is the norm; these include older adults, young girls and those living with long term medical conditions;
  • Support and promote the Active Cairngorms Partnership to jointly deliver on social, environmental and health care outcomes;
  • Continued/enhanced delivery of health walks through the Cairngorms Walking to Health Project;
  • Co-ordination of environmental volunteering opportunities; and
  • Deliver active travel enhancements in Aviemore that deliver improved transport connections for visitors and residents.
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  • Active Cairngorms Partnership
  • GP outdoor physical activity referral programme
  • Health walks partnerships
  • Volunteering
WalkersWee Epics

Locations of health walks throughout the Cairngorms National Park

Locations of health walks


  • How can levels of physical activity among residents and visitors be increased?

  • How can environmental volunteering opportunities be better co-ordinated and promoted to engage people?

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