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Deer Framework

Deer are magnificent animals and an important part of the National Park biodiversity and identity; they also have to be managed...

Download the Deer Framework (PDF | 3MB)

The right to control and manage deer is held by the owner of the land upon which they cross.  Deer managers work together in one of several Deer Management Groups in the National Parks. The Cairngorms Deer Advisory Group was set up to aid communication about deer management between various interest groups.

In collaboration with Deer Management Groups, communities and public agencies, the Park Authority’s aim is to achieve the following:

  • A patchwork of deer densities allowing different deer management objectives to be achieved in different parts of the Park;
  • A deer management planning process which seeks agreement from all interested parties on what deer densities should be;
  • Good communications between all involved in deer management;
  • Deer recognised as a valuable asset throughout the Park;
  • Deer impacts viewed as being in balance with habitats, and
  • Deer management carried out to high professional standards and respected by all.

In order to achieve this the CNPA, in collaboration with the Cairngorms Deer Advisory Group (CDAG), prepared a Deer Framework.

The Deer Framework seeks to acknowledge the many different values that people attribute to deer. It aims to bring together those with an interest in their management and promote respect for a range of different management objectives and encourage a spirit of co-operation and compromise.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact Mike Cottam, Land Management Adviser, tel 01479 870535