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Cairngorms National Park needs you!

20th January 2015

Could you make a difference to the Cairngorms National Park? In March, residents of the Park go to the polls to vote for five members to join the board of the Cairngorms National Park Authority. You might be interested in becoming a board member or you might want to make sure your vote counts – either way, the Cairngorms National Park needs you.

The CNPA was set up to ensure that the unique aspects of the Cairngorms – both the natural environment and the local communities – are cared for, sustained and enhanced for current and future generations to enjoy. It’s the Park Authority’s role to safeguard the outstanding landscapes, rich habitats, rare wildlife and of course, the Park’s communities.

The board of the Park Authority agree the long term objectives for the Park and set out the CNPA’s priorities for work. They also play a key role in representing the National Park and the Park Authority by acting as ambassadors.

CNPA Chief Executive Grant Moir explained: “The CNPA board is made up of seven members appointed by the five local authorities covering the Park area, seven directly appointed by Scottish Government Ministers and five are directly elected by the eligible voters within the Park. As staff, we look to the board for guidance and strategic direction and members will be involved with a number of committees helping to deliver the Park Authority’s three main areas of work, Conservation, Visitor Experience and Rural Development.”

Duncan Bryden has been a Ministerial board appointment since the Park was established in 2003. He is currently the CNPA board convener but his time with the CNPA will come to an end later this year. He commented: “The last eleven years have been a really exciting, challenging and rewarding time – they seem to have passed in a flash.

“Anyone can stand for election and my advice to any potential new board members would be that they need to be prepared to not only consider the Park’s communities when carrying out their duties but consider our responsibility to the people of Scotland. This is a National Park for all of Scotland and not just those of us who are fortunate enough to live here.”

There’s lots more information about the CNPA board elections on the website or to access nomination forms or electoral information please go to The Highland Council’s website.
The term of office is four years with members receiving remuneration and reasonable travel and subsistence expenses.