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Call for a SEFARI Fellowship to join the Cairngorms 2030 Programme Team

9th November 2022

The fellowship can be offered to a single organisation at a programme wide level or split between three institutions with expertise in the following Cairngorms 2030 delivery themes – Nature, People, Place. Due to its scale and interdisciplinary nature, we are open to proposals from individuals and groups. The purpose of the Fellowship is to recommend a set of indicators, and associated data collection/analysis methodologies which demonstrate progress towards achieving the outcomes of the Cairngorms 2030 programme, and the outcomes of NLHF. These recommendations will inform the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, to be produced by consultants by April 2023.  If you have any questions on this, or any general aspect of the SEFARI Fellowship scheme, please contact SEFARI Gateway Project Manager, Andrew Kelloe, at: [email protected]