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CNPA pledges to …

10th March 2006

Green is the new black – well it is if you work at the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA)!

Staff and board members of the organisation have committed to becoming an exemplar in office greening.  An Organisational Greening Policy is being submitted to the Scottish Executive’s Minister for Environment and Rural Development this week outlining the CNPA’s commitment to going green and staying green, along with an agreed action plan.

The CNPA is already taking some measures to be more environmentally friendly such as the encouragement of car sharing where possible; the conversion of an outbuilding into a bicycle shed to encourage some members of staff to get on their bikes and a policy of not leaving electrical equipment on the ‘stand by’ mode.

Head of Natural Heritage at the CNPA, David Bale said: “We are already doing some things well, which is a really good starting point.  However, we can do much more and this Organisational Greening Policy and action plan shows our commitment to use resources economically, efficiently and effectively to reduce the impact that the Park Authority, as an entity, has on the environment.  Our pledge to go greener will also help our work with others in achieving the four aims of the Park and enable the Park Authority to act as a positive example to other businesses and organisations in the Park and beyond.”

Some of the key targets outlined in the action plan for a greener office are:

  • Fit water saving devices to taps and cisterns in offices and have water meters fitted in the Park’s Grantown base.
  • Increase use of public transport for long journeys.
  • Identify sources of re-usable materials for office equipment.
  • Maintain teleconferencing facilities in all offices to allow distance meetings to be held and reduce the need for travel.
  • Establish a system to allow consideration of travel distances for delivery to be factored into determinations of best value for money and the environment for procurement.
  • Reconvene the staff Greening Committee and identify champions within the organisation to drive forward the greening targets.

CNPA Convener Andrew Thin commented: “This is a really positive move by the Park Authority, which quite rightly should be setting an example to others.  Even small actions can make all the difference both in terms of being kind to the environment and saving money.”

To access this board paper in detail please go to: