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Collecting data to improve traffic and parking in Aviemore and Glenmore

21st April 2023

The Cairngorms National Park Authority along with partner organisations are delivering a number of transport projects in the Aviemore and Glenmore area. These projects are part of the Heritage Horizons: Cairngorms 2030 programme – some focus on making it easier and safer to get around the National Park by walking, cycling or using a wheelchair and others look at ways to develop more sustainable transport options. As part of this, we will be collecting data on traffic movements. This helps us understand current travel patterns and to see the impact of any changes over time.

We are in the process of purchasing five mobile counters that record the number of cyclists and pedestrians that pass the point where a counter is located; this could be along a path such as the Old Logging Way or the Speyside Way.

In addition, traffic sensors will be used in Aviemore and the Glenmore area to better understand the flow of vehicles in the area. A total of five sensors will be installed this week at locations north of Aviemore along the B9152, at the B9152/B970 roundabout, at Coylumbridge and near the Hayfield at Glenmore. These sensors collect anonymous traffic information, which will help understand when people travel in these areas and give insight into the types of vehicles on the road.

The sensors are supplied by VivaCity, who have provided similar equipment for The Highland Council in Inverness and Portree in previous years. The new cameras in Aviemore and Glenmore are a result of a collaboration between The Highland Council and the Cairngorms National Park Authority and will help the development of a transport plan for the Aviemore-Glenmore-Cairngorm corridor. The data will also be useful for considering active travel improvements in Aviemore.

Separately, Forestry and Land Scotland, The Highland Council and the Cairngorms National Park Authority are working with residents and businesses to discuss issues and find parking and traffic management solutions in 2023.

For more information, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]