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Draft National Park Plan outlines land management aims

12th April 2006

Supporting Integrated Land Management has emerged through discussions with farmers and other land managers as a priority in the developing National Park Plan for the Cairngorms and with the launch of the consultation on the Draft Plan, now is the opportunity for everyone to make their viewpoint known.

Land management is one of the main influences in creating and enhancing many of the special qualities of the Park, including its landscape, wildlife such as birds and butterflies, habitats, access and recreation.  Public support, such as advice, training and grant schemes, plays an important role in helping shape land management.  It provides an opportunity to encourage management that helps deliver the special qualities of the Park.

The CNPA’s Head of Land Management, Fiona Newcombe said: “We will help land managers contribute to delivering the special qualities of the Park over the next five years.  We will work to ensure that changes to European and Scottish rural policies make support for land management less bureaucratic and deliver for the practicalities of this area.

“In the developing Draft Park Plan we want to identify the priorities that land managers should deliver, join up public support and improve communication.  Anyone with a view on this is encouraged to take a closer look at this section of the Draft Plan and let us know their views.”

The Draft National Park Plan sets out the long term vision – 25 years – for the Park as a whole as well as the key priorities for the first five years of the Plan, from 2007 to 2012.

Some of other the key aims proposed for the first five years with regards to the priority Supporting Integrated Land Management are:

  • Investigate ways to simplify the support and advice systems available to land managers.
  • There will be a better understanding of land management practices and their importance – socially and economically – as well as environmentally.
  • There will be more opportunities for local and national bodies and organisations to influence land management objectives and practices.

Keith Arbuthnott, Chairman, the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (SRPBA), said: “Private land ownership and the inward investment that derives from this are major attributes of the National Park, and this consultation provides a further significant opportunity for those who live and work within its boundaries to express their view on the future direction of its management plan.

“SRPBA and its members within the Park area welcome this consultation on integrated land management. We will be responding to it, and look forward to working with all other organisations and groups for the benefit not just of those who derive their livelihoods from this area but, given its status, as an asset for a much wider public to appreciate and enjoy.”

The consultation period for the National Park Plan is from April to the end of June 2006.  Following the consultation, a report summarising the responses will be prepared and the final Park Plan will be developed, with partners for submission, to Ministers at the end of 2006.  This is the first National Park Plan for the Cairngorms and although the Plan looks ahead to 2030, a new series of priorities will be published every five years.

More information on the draft National Park Plan can be found on the National Park Plan homepage.

To get involved in the National Park Plan consultation please contact the CNPA at: National Park Plan Consultation, 14 The Square, Grantown-on-Spey, Moray, PH26 3HG. Tel: 01479 873535 fax: 01479 873527 email: [email protected]