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Fishing and canoeing interests on the Spey

1st November 2004

A number of steps to ensure a consensual approach to the implementation of forthcoming access legislation in and around the River Spey have been agreed by delegates from a range of backgrounds.

Fishing proprietors, ghillies, anglers, canoeists and public agencies gathered at Craigellachie on Tuesday 26th October to discuss implementation of the legislation and accompanying Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

The legislation and code promote the right of responsible access to inland waters as well as to land, and the meeting was held in recognition of the implications for sports fishing and canoeing interests, particularly on the River Spey.

River Spey Project Officer, Pete Moore – representing the Spey Catchment Steering Group said; “There has been a tremendous amount of positive work in the past, which has achieved a great deal in terms of co-ordinating the activities of anglers and canoeists.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to have a common understanding of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, be aware of the various opportunities that have already been identified, and most importantly, to encourage and enable people from different interests to work together.”

Hugh Blakeney, Secretary of the Spey Fishing Trust Ltd, said; “The proposals agreed at Craigellachie reinforce the long-term liaison between fishing and organised canoeing interests on the River Spey. They will provide guidelines for the responsible enjoyment of a mutual resource which we hope the individual fishermen and canoeist will respect.”

Dave Craig, the Scottish Canoe Association River Adviser, who has had a long involvement with the Spey comments; “There is a long history of anglers and canoeists working together on the River Spey and the good relations formed between all parties were very much in evidence at this meeting. The Scottish Outdoor Access code sets out clear guidance as to how canoeists can enjoy their new right of access responsibly and share the wonderful resource that is the River Spey with other water users.”