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Hair Raisers – CNPA staff grow moustaches and raise over £1000 for charity

29th November 2010

Walking through the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) office in Grantown-on-Spey you’d be forgiven for wondering if moustaches were coming back in to fashion.

16 members of staff under the name ‘Cairngormos’ took up the challenge to grow their facial hair to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

The ‘Movember’ challenge – set by the charity – involved growing moustaches during the month of November.

The Cairngormos have now raised more than £1000.

It was CNPA Senior Land Management Officer Will Boyd-Wallis who encouraged people to take part after his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years ago: “Thankfully my father was diagnosed early on and after treatment he is recovering well, in fact I’m delighted he has also joined our CNPA team as an Honorary Cairngormo! He looks uncannily like Basil Fawlty. Many of our team and sponsors have family members who’ve been impacted by prostate cancer.

“I for one can’t wait until December when I can shave the thing off, but one or two are beginning to grow quite attached to their mo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hang around a little while longer.

“It has been a good laugh and it has been comforting knowing that over 600,000 people throughout the world since 2003 have shared the experience.

“It’s fantastic we’ve been able to raise so much for the charity. I’d like to thank all those who’ve taken part and to everyone who sponsored us.”

For more information on Movember and how to contribute to The Prostate Cancer Charity, please visit  movember and search for ‘Cairngormos’.