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Hundreds give their views on future of National Park

18th November 2011

Nearly 400 people have taken part in information events run by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) on plans for the future of the National Park.

As part of the current public consultation on the draft National Park Plan and Local Development Plan Main Issues Report, the sessions were designed to introduce what’s in the plans, provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions and get their feedback on what is proposed.

National Park Plan Officer Gavin Miles said: “We’re really pleased so many people took the time to come to the sessions to work with us on the plans. The pride people have in their communities really came across and we hope people gained an insight into the plans and understand more about some of the challenges we have in managing the Park.

“The sessions provided an opportunity to discuss some of the ideas in the plans. Now that people have had time to think more about them, we hope they will comment on those ideas by letter, email or via our website before the deadline in December.”

The Cairngorms National Park Plan 2012-2017 will be the blueprint for how the Park is managed and the Cairngorms Local Development Plan Main Issues Report will determine what kinds of development can take place and where.

It’s possible to read the documents and take part in the consultations on our website, National Park Plan and Local Development Plan Main Issues Report or you can see the documents at the CNPA offices, local libraries and council service points until Friday 9th December 2011.

Comments from the community information events were recorded and summaries of these are also on our website.