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Keeping ATVs on the right track

2nd March 2021

 A new handy guide aimed at helping land managers protect hill ground from damage caused by all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) has been published.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority with members of the Cairngorms Upland Advisory Group have pulled together a user guide with a short checklist covering the use of ATVs such as quad bikes, Argocats and other four wheel drive vehicles. It is hoped by producing the guide, damage to fragile upland habitats will be reduced in future.

Will Boyd Wallis, Head of Land Management at the CNPA said: “The Cairngorms National Park is of international importance and land managers play a key role in looking after it. ATVs are essential for upland management but in some circumstances they can damage important habitats. This straight-forward guide is a useful reminder for everyone using these vehicles in their day to day work and will help them to look after their hill ground.”

Helen Todd, Campaigns & Policy Manager for Ramblers Scotland and co-convener of the Scottish Environment LINK hill tracks group said: “We’re delighted to welcome this practical guide from the Cairngorms National Park Authority.  We hope that land managers will find this guide useful in helping avoid harm to fragile and sensitive habitats.”

Land managers have welcomed the checklist, which will be useful for employees, contractors and others who may need to use an ATV in the course of their work. Alex Hogg, Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association said: “This guidance is a brilliant idea and has the full support of the SGA.”

Judith Webb, CNPA board member and Chair of the Cairngorms National Park Upland Advisory Group commented: “I am very grateful for the constructive input from the wide ranging membership of the group in developing this guidance”.

The ATV guide will be distributed to colleges, ATV training providers and other industry bodies. It is also available on the CNPA website.