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Walking with Dinosaurs star to host Prehistoric Cairngorms event

26th April 2023

The Cairngorms National Park is an amazing place for nature in 2023 but did you know it used to be home to a giant 2m long millipede?

As part of the Cairngorms Nature Festival programme,  TV wildlife presenter and conservationist, Nigel Marven will take us back in time to meet the creatures that lived in the subtropical swamps of Prehistoric Scotland, and showcase the Cairngorms in a way you never have seen before!

On Sunday 14 May at Boat of Garten Hall, Nigel will share spellbinding stories and fun facts from his filming trips in the boreal forest, tundra and mountain slopes. From present day natural encounters to giant Prehistoric insects Nigel will lead us on a fascinating tour of the weird and wonderful world of natural history and documentary film-making.

With an incredible career, working alongside Sir David Attenborough for 12 years and presenting popular television shows such as Walking with Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Park, Nigel certainly has some stories to tell.  He returns to the Cairngorms every year, leading regular guided wildlife trips and sharing his love for the area – both its present and prehistoric past!

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