Cairngorms National Park

Lochan Uaine - The Green Loch

The Cairngorms National Park Authority

We provide a number of services to support businesses, land owners and local communities within and around the National Park

Planning in the Park

The Cairngorms National Park Authority works alongside the Park’s five local authorities to review all planning applications.

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All applications are submitted to the relevant local authority. If an application is of significance to the Park, it will be ‘called-in’ by the Park Authority.

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Planning applications

Current applications can be viewed on the Planning Portal. To view these applications, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions.


We are involved in funding schemes designed to help initiatives or projects which support the aims of the Park.

Our Travel Grant Scheme aims to help schools, voluntary and community groups making educational visits to the Cairngorms National Park.


Training & support

We provide training and support is available for people who live and work in the Park. This is designed to help:

We also provide support to businesses and individuals who are considering relocating to the Cairngorms.

Advice & guidelines

Looking to redevelop in the area? View our Landscape Toolkit.
Advice is also available on many subject areas including:

We are always on-hand to answer any questions you might have.