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The Cairngorms National Park Authority

The Cairngorms National Park is an iconic landscape, home to over 18,000 people and attracting 1.92 million visitors every year, and it is our duty, along with many others, to look after and enhance this special place for the people of Scotland.

Along with delivering our two statutory duties of planning and outdoor access, we provide a number of services to support the Park’s businesses, land owners and local communities.

Our Statutory Roles


As a Planning Authority – we are committed to ensuring that the Park’s communities remain healthy and sustainable. Working alongside the five local authorities which operate in the Park, our planning service helps get development in the right places by promoting investment, protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural heritage and by creating places that we can all value and enjoy.

Planning & Development

Outdoor Access

As an Access Authority, with the responsibility of upholding access rights as set out in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, our goal is to encourage responsible sharing of outdoor space between different users whilst reducing the impact on our protected species and habitats.

Outdoor Access

Planning applications

Current applications can be viewed on the Planning Portal. To view these applications, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions.


We are involved in funding schemes designed to help initiatives or projects which support the aims of the Park.

Our Travel Grant Scheme aims to help schools, voluntary and community groups making educational visits to the Cairngorms National Park.


Training & support

We provide training and support is available for people who live and work in the Park. This is designed to help:

Advice & guidelines

Looking to redevelop in the area? View our Landscape Toolkit.
Advice is also available on many subject areas including:

We are always on-hand to answer any questions you might have.