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Park Strategies

The Cairngorms National Park Authority provides leadership to tackle the big issues in the Park in a collaborative way



To achieve strategic alignment a National Park Partnership Plan has been prepared supported by various strategies including:

Cairngorms Local Development Plan 2021

Provides a special framework for the development and use of the land in the Park

Active Cairngorms

is an outdoor access strategy that positions the National Park as a quality tourism destination and energises partners to deliver the active health agenda

Cairngorms National Park Forestry Strategy 2018

The Forest Strategy provides future direction for the management of existing forests and importantly, guidance on creating new woodlands which enhance the Cairngorms National Park and support its four aims.

Core Paths Plan

The Core Paths Plan – a statutory plan – helps the Park Authority and its partners develop the backbone of paths that support and grow the Park as the place for outdoor activities.

Cairngorms Nature Action Plan 2019-2024

Describes the most important things to do over the next five years and provides a focus for the work of the Cairngorms Nature Partnership.

Cairngorms National Park Economic Action Plan 2019 – 2022

The Economic Action Plan identifies the priority actions to ensure that the Cairngorms National Park has a sustainable economy that supports thriving businesses and communities.

Tourism: Action+ Change
Tourism Action Plan for the Cairngorms National Park 2017 – 2022

Sets out a common agenda for everyone involved and interested in tourism in the Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms LEADER Local Development Strategy 2014 – 2020

Sets out the investment priorities for community-led Local Development in the Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms Research Strategy 2014 – 2017

Sets out what is needed to deliver research that benefits the management of the Park, and make the most of the Park in the wider research agendas


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