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We want to create more self-sufficient, diverse and resilient rural communities across Europe, we want to learn about, care for, sustain and SHARE our local cultural and natural heritage

What Do We Want To See?

Access to academic, practical and vocational education is an effective solution to empower young people and to spark our interest in rural careers.
Young People want to CONNECT to our PLACES and use that learning to stay and develop our COMMUNITY.
We need investment in training for the FUTURE.

More Nature Education

  • CREATE opportunities for young people from an early age to learn about their local natural and cultural heritage through volunteering, Junior Ranger Programmes and other nature based clubs.
  • Make CONNECTIONS between local schools and Protected Areas to include teacher training, Ranger visits and educational trips.
  • Develop educational resources about local natural heritage to help teachers take learning outdoors.

More Support

  • CREATE more young people-led businesses by providing courses on entrepreneurship to learn about self-employment and how to create your own business.
  • CREATE links between rural businesses and higher education establishments to inform young people about potential rural careers and to provide special training and work experience.

Inspire Interest

  • CREATE a social platform and programme of events in Protected Areas and rural communities to help young people SHARE and CONNECT.
  • Use social media effectively to inspire environmental awareness and use youth ambassadors to ENCOURAGE posts and content.