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Wee Walks Week: Fed up of sitting at your desk?

30th August 2018

How can you make the most of your lunch break during wee walks week?

Recent health surveys have revealed that over half of the UK’s office workers eat lunch at their desks and half of us only get up from our desks to go to the toilet for the whole working day! Sitting for long periods is now increasingly being cited as the health epidemic of the future, likened to smoking and obesity.

Long lunch breaks or liquid lunches are a thing of the past but if we don’t make time to be active during the day the long term health implications can be very serious. The mere act of walking has huge health benefits even in small quantities. Walking is just as effective and has the same benefits as other exercise meaning you don’t even have to don lycra!

The benefits of walking in your lunch break, or even choosing to walk to an appointment rather than drive are clear:

  1. A regular wee walk will reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  2. A quick brisk walk helps to boost your circulation upping the energy levels for that afternoon meeting.
  3. More physically active employees take less sick days.
  4. Time outside, away from the glare of the desk lamp, helps get you more Vitamin D.
  5. All this leads to reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue.

The list goes on.

Not all of us are tied to a desk of course, many jobs require people to be moving around all day, for example in retail or hospitality. In these roles, the temptation while on your lunch break, is to stop and put your feet up, but why not take your lunch for a wee walk instead? 10 minutes to a nearby bench might be all you need to get some fresh air, a chance to switch off and bit of gentle exercise thrown in for free.

It doesn’t take much to change your routine a little at lunchtime, a 10 minute walk up and down the high street, some fresh air and sunshine, is certainly worth it. So this Wee Walks Week why don’t you commit to a wee walk each day and see what difference you feel at the end of the week!

Work Place Step Challenge

Did you know there is a work place step count challenge?

Taking place twice a year, this challenge runs for 8 weeks in spring and 4 weeks in autumn and encourages groups of 5 colleagues to team up and count their steps using an activity tracker.

For more information have a look at

Our top 5 lunch time walks are:

  1. The Buzzard Trail, Aviemore – Not far from the centre of Aviemore the Buzzard Trail is a perfect 30 minute walk (1 mile) on a surfaced path with great views down Strathspey and across to Meall a’Bhuachaille.
  2. Creag Choinnich, Braemar – This 2 mile route takes you from the heart of Braemar out to the viewpoint on Creag Choinnich, you’ll feel like you’re out hillwalking while on your lunch break!
  3. Anagach Green Trail, Grantown-on-Spey –  A gentle 1 and 1/4 mile route through the Anagach Woods, not far from the Grantown High Street and nearby parking.
  4. Riverside Path, Carrbridge – Another 1 mile walk that starts in the heart of Carr-Bridge and leads you out along the old pack horse bridge and the River Dulnain.
  5. Lower Pattack Falls Trail, Laggan – This wee walk takes no time at all, but does require a short drive to the Druim an Aird car park, but after that a chance to stretch the legs and take in the Pattack waterfalls.

Are you a Wee Walker, or would like to be?

Take part in Wee Walks Week between the 3rd and 9th of September by making a pledge to walk a wee walk, for more information view our Wee Walks Week page.