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Cairngorms National Park

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Land Management

The Cairngorms National Park is hugely diverse; it is a living, working landscape from mountain top to riverbed, it is the careful stewardship through land management that helps to maintain and enhance our iconic landscape.

P1000068Land management shapes not only the habitats, views and wildlife, but is integral to the way the economy of the Park works. Land management underpins much of the tourism appeal of the Cairngorms, not only the landscape but the paths and visitor infrastructure too.

We know that sometimes different forms of land use can come into conflict with one another. Deer need to be controlled to allow woodland to regenerate, but they are also an integral part of our natural heritage and deer stalking is very important to our rural economy. Moorland is burned and grazed to maintain heather for red grouse shooting, but like deer management this needs to be done sensitively so that other habitats can thrive alongside.

The National Park Authority is here to help meet these challenges, working with land managers and offering support through access to funding, skills, collaboration and project delivery.

Our vision is that land management continues to actively shape the special landscapes, habitats and wildlife as well as providing jobs and economic benefits to communities. This means balancing sometimes competing objectives, adapting skills to meet new challenges and opportunities and collaborating across land ownership boundaries to deliver bigger and better habitats and stronger more resilient businesses.

The three key conservation priorities which will guide the work of partners over the Plan period