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The Cairngorms have always been home to some of the highest quality farming in the UK. Our farmers produce the highest quality, naturally reared beef, lamb and pork.

Today, more than ever before, the pressure on global farming and food production is immense. But where other forms of farming can damage the environment, the sustainable farming systems we have in the Cairngorms National Park have helped shape and enhance the rich and iconic landscapes of the park.

HNV Farming (credit: Carol McConachie)

The careful way that the farmers and crofters manage the land is essential to maintaining our economic, social, cultural, and environmental landscapes. The valleys and hills of the Cairngorms are synonymous with the production of some of the UKs best livestock and our fertile valley floors produced the grain that launched Scotland’s most famous industry, Whisky.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority is always working to provide support to Farmers, Smallholders and Crofters in the National Park.

We can help with:

  • Advice on management including best practice, guidelines and regulations
  • Getting the best advice and events to the Cairngorms
  • Help finding funding sources, from recycling to habitat improvement
  • Enhancing the natural capital on your farm
  • Developing your knowledge and skills
  • Making sure your voice is heard in conversations about the industry
  • Promoting the great work that farmers in the Cairngorms are doing
  • Diversification

If there is any way that you think the Cairngorms National Park Authority can help, please just get in touch

For more information


Lewis Pate

Farmland conservation officer

Direct – 01479 780414