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Core Paths Plan

The international reputation of the Park makes it the best venue for wide range of outdoor activities. The Core Paths Plan, a statutory plan, helps the Park Authority and its partners develop the backbone of paths that supports and grows the Park as the place for outdoor activities.

Core Paths PlanThe Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 section 17 places a duty on the Park Authority to draw up a plan for a system of paths (“core paths”) sufficient for the purpose of giving the public reasonable access throughout their area.

The Core Paths Plan (PDF | 5.7MB) delivers the National Park vision as an outstanding National Park, enjoyed and valued by everyone where nature and people thrive together. The Core Paths Plan will:

  1. help to conserve the Park’s natural and cultural heritage and encourage people to enjoy it in a responsible way;
  2. help those living and working on the land manage access;
  3. help to deliver the priorities for each area identified in Active Cairngorms;
  4. provide for a wide range of activities;
  5. provide for a wide range of abilities;
  6. include a wide range of popular routes; and
  7. include paths within, around and between communities and to public transport connections and places of local importance.

Delivering the Core Paths Plan

The Cairngorms National Park Authority will use the Core Paths Plan to prioritise resources and path development projects. It will use the Core Paths Plan to support visitor management plans on sensitive sites and it will ensure core paths are waymarked and signposted so that they can be promoted by communities and partners. Landowners, public agencies and communities can use the Core Paths Plan to manage where people go on their land, take account of recreational needs in development planning and ensure the access needs of communities are met and incorporated into planning and development.