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Cairngorms National Park


Managing for Visitors

Ensuring that everyone who lives and visits the Cairngorms National Park this year can do so safely and with ease.

Tread Lightly in the Park

The CNPA and its partners have been working within the national visitor management framework #RespectProtectEnjoy and the #CairngormsTogether framework to develop ‘Managing for Visitors’ plans for key areas in the Park.

These Managing for Visitors plans dovetail and support site-based visitor management plans and estate management objectives.

The purpose of the managing for visitors plan is to:

  • Provide a warm welcome and support exceptional experiences for the public to enjoy the outdoors:
  • Mitigate any negative impacts from increased recreation in sensitive or popular sites:
  • Reduce potential conflict between residents and visitors:
  • Promote collaboration across estate and organisational boundaries ensuring a positive visitor experience.
  • Agree visitor infrastructure priorities for the area.

For more information please download the Managing for Visitors Plan here.