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Read on to see why we believe Gaelic is worth implementing in your business, and see some links to further resources.

Growing Interest

Marketing your business with Gaelic will make it more appealing to new visitors and customers – why not show them some Highland hospitality whilst welcoming them in the Gàidhealtachd (the Highlands)?

The interest in Gaelic is growing. Recent films and TV series (Outlander or Outlaw King) have further fuelled the recent touristry boom in Scotland. Outlander is using Gaelic very successfully in their marketing. Fans of these series want to find more about Scotland’s history, languages and place names.

In June 2019 the Celtic Media Festival will be coming to Aviemore, creating another exciting opportunity.People will come to the festival from all over the UK and beyond, creating a unique opportunity to expand your market.

Place Names

Helping your visitors and customers understand the Gaelic landscape will enrich their overall understanding of Scotland’s natural heritageCairngorms Visitor Survey Results

Writers like Robert MacFarlane have said that we need local place names and native terminology in order to reconnect with the landscape.

Most visitors come to the Cairngorms National Park in order to sightsee, walk, and visit some of the local tourist attractions. Many of these tourist attractions feature Gaelic history, language and interpretation already, such as the Highland Folk Museum. However natural attractions, such as mountains or lochs, may not have any interpretation plaques available.

This is where you can step in by providing your visitors with information they may not get from looking only at a map! The Gaelic Place Names leaflet is one of the CNPA’s most popular leaflets, reflecting people’s interest in understanding the meanings behind their favourite hills and paths.


A Beginner’s Guide to Gaelic

Our beginners guide to the Gaelic language includes interactive links to two online video lessons, audio clips with pronunciation guides, and a database of place names terms to help you on your next outing into the wild.


Two skiers walking


Violinist playing




Gaelic signpost



With thanks to Bòrd na Gàidhlig for their funding support
for the production of the Gaelic as an Asset online toolkit.

Le taing do Bhòrd na Gàidhlig airson toirt seachad taic-maoineachaidh
a thaobh cruthachadh an inneal air-loidhne ‘Gàidhlig mar Mhaoin’.

Toolkit Sections

Toolkit Introduction
Toolkit Introduction 
Case Studies
Case Studies 
A Gaelic Experience With the Five Senses
A Gaelic Experience With the Five Senses