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CNPA gets to work

10th October 2003

The Cairngorms National Park Authority has agreed the remits of a series of 11 working and project groups for the area.

The working groups will look at ranger services, food marketing , housing development , Park for All, tourism development, access, integrated public transport, park gateways and information, and agriculture.

Two project groups will work on the National Park Plan and the Local Plan.

The groups are represented by CNPA board members and relevant partners, brought in as necessary.

“The emphasis for these group will be to achieve particular aims,” says Board convener Andrew Thin, “they will look at particular initiatives and projects where partnership working is particularly important and they will work to tight timetables.

“Initially, the working groups will direct and drive our aims but I expect them to evolve into groups steering the particular projects they have devised. We have proposed timetables – mostly reporting to the Board in the first quarter of 2004- but it is for the groups themselves to set realistic timetables.

“The focus of the groups’ work must be on outcomes and achieving progress in driving the development of the Park.”