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Cairngorms National Park Board Committee - Terms of Reference

Cairngorms National Park Authority Policy

4th March, 2022

Audit and Risk

  • Focused on managing the internal systems, processes and risks of the Park Authority.
  • Members: Full board and specific committees where overview findings suggest need for specific action.


  • Focused on the delivery and implementation of the Park Authority’s main programmes and projects, and measuring their performance against the organisation’s strategic outcomes.
  • Members: Audit and Risk Committee / Full Board around strategic risk management implications identified. Full Board around any significant concerns identified with corporate performance implications


  • Focused on the implementation and strategic management of the Park Authority’s financial and staff resources.
  • Members: Full board around any significant concerns on strategic budget and workforce management.


  • Oversees the effectiveness of the Park Authority’s governance and the operation of all organisational committees.
  • Members: Full board

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