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Main Issues Report

The consultation on the Main Issues Report ended on Friday 2nd March 2018.

Consultation Period: 17 November 2017 - 2 March 2018

Big Picture Big Questions

The Main Issues Report set out the main issues to be addressed in the Cairngorms National Park Local Development Plan 2020 – the document which will guide future development in the National Park.


Download the full Main Issues report here  (PDF | 8.2MB), or view each of the Main Issues below.

Main Policy Issues

There are 10 topics that we think are the main policy issues that the new Local Development Plan will need to address. These don’t try to cover all the policy topics that will eventually be included in the final Local Development Plan. At this stage we are focussing on the topics that we think are the most significant.

  1. Over-arching Development Strategy
  2. Designing great places
  3. Impacts and opportunities from the A9 and Highland Main Line upgrades
  4. Housing
  5.  The affordability of housing
  6. Economic development
  7. Impact on Natura designations
  8. Planning obligations
  9. Flood risk and climate change resilience
  10. Land management in upland areas

Settlement Based Issues

We have also identified issues and proposed objectives, as well as potential development options, for each of the main settlements within the National Park. You can view these by clicking the settlement (highlighted in purple) you are interested in on the map below and then clicking the link.

Supporting documents