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Hill and River Exhibition opens in Braemar

10th August 2009

An exhibition at Braemar Castle to showcase the importance of Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms Natural Environment began yesterday (Monday August 10).

The Hill & River Exhibition, which will run until October, was opened by Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) convener David Green.

It aims to showcase the importance of salmon fishing, deer management and grouse shooting to the Deeside economy.

The event is being run by Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Destination Management organisation in conjunction with the CNPA, which has also provided funding for the event. Also funding the project is LEADER and Aberdeenshire Council.

The exhibition fits closely with the CNPA’s key aims of highlighting the need to provide high quality opportunities for outdoor access and the codes which visitors should abide by will be featured at the event.

The exhibition will also tour local schools to spread the message about the importance of our natural assets and will highlight the beautiful landscape and wealth of activities available for everyone to get out there and enjoy.

CNPA convener David Green said: “We are enthusiastic about promoting this interesting and informative project which highlights the importance of people, rivers and hills in terms of the environment, economy and cultural history of the Cairngorms National Park.”

Geva Blackett, locally elected CNPA board member said: “This is a vitally important exhibition showing clearly the role country pursuits play in shaping, conserving and enhancing not just the economy and biodiversity of the Cairngorms but the landscapes too.

“Without grouse shooting, Braemar and other areas of the Park would not have the purple hills that are world renowned; without the estate management funding the sporting management, the taxpayer would have to foot the bill.”

Anyone wanting to know more about the event should contact the Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms Destination Management Organisation on 013397 55283 or visit